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Stove Care, Safety and Maintenance

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ABoC Stock the full range of Valiant accessories and many cleaning/maintenance products from Hotspot 


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priced for safety
FireAngel Carbon Monoxide (CO) Alarm
Carbon Monoxide is known as the silent killer - being invisible, odourless and tasteless - and literally every home should have one (as well as boats, caravans, holiday cottages and in fact everywhere that you reside).  CO poisoning includes numerous very unpleasant symptoms and is often fatal.

FireAngel is recognised as the leading and best selling retail name and is approved by the Fire and Rescue Service and the main energy companies for the performance and reliability of the elegant and ergonomic range.  The alarms benefit from easy fitting and a long battery life.  They incorporate unique self-checking systems on the sensor and electronics and are certified to the very latest European standards including BS EN 50291:2001 and backed by a specially trained customer service team.  Read more on the Fire Angel website...

Stove Gloves, Valiant, Extra Long Leather Heat Resistant.  Length 14" (35.5cm ).
This durable pair of leather gauntlets will provide complete protection for your hands, wrists and forearms when carrying wood and refuelling the stove or fireplace.  Made from 100% genuine leather, the gloves are fully lined for extra comfort and maximum heat resistance. 

Kneeling Cushion, Valiant.  Dimensions: 14.5" x 9" x 1" thick (inches)
Protect your knees when tending the stove or fire, with our padded cushion. The cushion has a handy hanging loop for convenient storage.
Stove Thermometer, Valiant.  10
Stove thermometers are designed to offer a guide as to the temperature that your stove is burning at. If your stove is not hot enough, then you risk increased creosote and tar build up. If your stove is burning too hot, then you are using more fuel than you need to be.  Monitor, control and optimise your stove temperature. The thermometer magnetically attaches to either the stove or the flue pipe and displays the temperature in both Centigrade and Fahrenheit.

Are They Accurate?  Stove thermometers are certainly not precision instruments by any means. They do offer a handy guide however. How else do you know how hot your stove is burning without one?

YouTube: Wood Stove Thermometer Buyers Guide

Stove Fan, Valiant.  2 blade 70  ;  4 blade 75
Silent  -  self powered  -  maximise efficiency of your stove
The heat powered stove fan is designed to circulate the warm air created by a stove. Improved warm air circulation results in greater comfort and less fuel consumption. It is self powered using heat from the stove and does not need batteries or mains power.  Improved Efficiency.  Warm air is moved towards the centre of the room rather than simply rising to the ceiling as it leaves the fireplace, improving the circulation of warmth to enhance your comfort.  Click the image for more information.  Watch them work on YouTube (different model shown).

Try before you buy, 5.  Hire our display model, Fri-Mon or Mon-Fri, for 5 (+62 returnable deposit).  Like it - Keep it.  Saving 10%, or return to shop pay the difference and take a new one.  Don't like it? return and collect your deposit.  ** The fan will be checked for damage on return.


SmartFan  110

SmartFan is a self-powered, clean, silent and efficient device that greatly improves heat circulation from your solid fuel burning stove. The device is powered by a thermoelectric generation module (TEM) which uses the hot surface of the stove to generate an electric current to propel two fan blades. Heat, instead of rising immediately to the ceiling, is propelled directly into the living space and provides an increased level of comfort and greater fuel efficiency. The device works on a simple principle; the hotter the bottom and the colder the top, the more electricity is generated. By utilising this fan on the top section and by incorporating an aerodynamically designed front fan blade, the SmartFan can move air up to a rate of 360 Cubic Meter per hour (200 Cubic Feet per minute).

SmartFan Mini  85

SmartFan Mini, as it's name suggests is a smaller version of the SmartFan which works on the same principle.  At only 190mm high it will fit between stove and opening when restricted.  Both fans share the following characteristics:

  • No external power source required
  • Safe, silent and without running costs
  • Effectively propels warm air into the living area
  • Maximum temperature: 330C
  • Promotes efficient fuel consumption
  • 1 year guarantee;  2 years extended warranty.
  • Visit the Smart Fan website for more information
Moisture Meter, 19.   Smartburn from IQ DesignFor Firewood and other Burning Fuels.

It is believed that wood with a moisture content of more than 18% is not suitable for using as a heating source in your stove or fireplace as the moisture affects the burning process and much of the energy it creates is wasted on heating the water vapour in the log rather than heating your home.  The Smartburn will accurately detect the moisture level of your fire wood and indeed any other combustible materials that you use to heat your home.  This will mean that you can manage how you use your burning fuels more effectively and ultimately reap the full benefits of the materials that you use to heat your home.  Features:

  • Detects and measures the moisture level in wood and other burning fuels you use to heat your home.
  • Will measure moisture content from as low as 3% and as high a 40%.
  • Digital screen includes a build in microprocessed bar graph reading.
  • Includes an auto power off button and a low battery indicator.
  • Also includes a data hold button which always you to freeze the reading you have just taken.

Stove Brushes (Valiant)
Three stove and grate cleaning brushes with different bristles for individual cleaning purposes to ensure that your stove remains in perfect condition.  Nylon brush for cleaning glass and delicate areas; Brass brush for cleaning brass surfaces; Stainless steel brush for cleaning metal surfaces. Length: 17.5cm

Flue Free Chimney Cleaner, 750gr (Hotspot)
Flue Free is a specially formulated granular deposit conditioner which breaks down creosote and tar deposits that coat combustion areas and chimney interiors - a problem experienced with most solid fuel stoves and fires. Flue Free helps to maintain clean chimneys for maximum efficiency, lower fuel consumption and reduces the risk of chimney fires. Suitable for use with stainless steel flues.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Black Grate and Barbecue Polish, 75ml  (ZIP)
Zip Grate Polish will polish and protect cast iron or steel and can be used on log burners, grates or barbecues. Have your hearth looking healthy with just a few easy steps.  Restores the appearance of steel and cast iron. Protects and polishes grates, barbecues, firebacks, pipework and window leading.  Read more on the ZIP website, return here to buy...

Stove Glass Cleaner, 500ml (Valiant)
Keep your stove in perfect condition; this non-caustic cleaning solution will keep your glass stove doors crystal clear. The solution removes all stubborn smoke and creosote stains.  500ml trigger pump spray bottle.

Fireplace Cleaner, 500ml (Hotspot)
The really effective answer in removing smoke, soot and tar stains caused by wood, coal and gas fires from brick, stone, concrete, marble and other hard surfaces. It does not normally remove discolouration caused by weathering or natural impurities. Do not use on any decorated or painted slate or stone. Fireplace Cleaner eliminates the need for harsh damaging acids. Brisk brushing creates a foam which cleans smoke stains right down to the pores, without damage.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Metal Polish, Multi-Use, 150ml (Hotspot)
A very effective polish for use on copper, brass, nickel, pewter, chromium, silver and gold.  Multi-Use Metal Polish gives a cleaner, more protective, longer lasting shine.  Directions: Apply with a clean cloth and rub briskly; Polish with a soft, dry cloth.

Italian Marble Polish, 200ml (Hotspot)
Hotspot Marble Polish produces crystallisation action between polish and marble which is accelerated by buffing and temperature. It is not an abrasive but modifies the chemical nature of the marble itself to produce a rich long lasting sheen. Although the liquid can be successfully hand polished, we recommend the use of a low speed drill with lambswool polish attachment.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Slate Oil, 100ml (Hotspot)
Hotspot slate oil seals and protects tired looking slate, enhancing its natural beauty. It may slightly deepen the natural colour. The sealer repels dirt & water whilst allowing slate to breathe.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...
6mm - 0.80p / meter
9mm - 1.10p / meter
12mm - 1.60p / meter
Stove Rope (Hotspot)
Hotspot glass fibre woven stove rope is a high quality glass fibre woven suitable for most solid fuel stoves and boilers.  Use with Heatbond Stove Rope Fixative.  Directions:
 - Clean away old stove rope & remove any loose/flakey metal from locating channel.
 - Apply Hotspot Heatbond rope fixative following instructions on container.
 - Press Stove Rope firmly into channel.
 - Cut rope with scissors to finish with an end to end butt joint.
 - Allow 15 minutes before closing doors. The heat from the appliance will do the rest.

12mm - 1.00 / meter
Lagging Rope, 12mm (Hotspot)
Hotspot glass fibre woven lagging rope for fitting between surrounds, firebacks and where any gap needs to be filled with a flexible expansion material that has insulation qualities. Use with Heatbond Stove Rope Fixative.  Directions:
 - Where a Lagging Rope is to be fixed to a vertical surface use a heat resistant adhesive sparingly to only one side of the rope to hold it in place. The lagging rope should be compressed as the two surfaces are bought together.
 - When filling a gap Lagging Rope should be compressed and pushed firmly into the area to be filled and allowed to expand. Repeat process until gap is filled, if necessary use a heat resistant seal to hold in place.
 - For aesthetic purposes, a skim of Fortafix stove cement can be applied over the area filled.

Rope Adhesive, Valiant, 50ml
This high temperature stove rope adhesive is ideal if you ever need to re-stick or replace your stove rope door seals. The clear adhesive is suitable for use with all colours of stove rope.

Heatbond, 125ml (Hotspot)
A non-toxic fixative specially formulated for bonding sealing rope (fibreglass or ceramic) onto solid fuel stoves or cookers. Easy to apply and just as easy to remove when rope needs replacing. Contains no solvents so it can be safely used in confined spaces.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Fire Cement (black), Firebrand, 500gr (Hotspot)
A pliable adhesive black fire cement of putty-like consistency available in 500g and 1kg containers. Is water based and non-toxic, and withstands heat up to 1400C (2550F) This product is specially formulated and recommended by leading industrial and domestic heating appliance manufacturers throughout the world. Ideal for patching and repairing firebacks and brickwork as well as for gas tight assembly, installation and maintenance of boilers, fires, flues, stoves, heating installations, ranges etc.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Stove & Fireplace Paint (Matt), 150ml aerosol (Hotspot)
Stove and Fireplace Paint is an ultra-high temperature corrosion resistant one coat stove and fireplace paint specially formulated for use on wood or multi-fuel stoves, gas coal/log effect fires, fireplaces, grates, baskets, fire backs, barbecues, pipes, flues etc. Extra coverage over conventional systems results from the high solids content. Most substrates including steel and its alloys can be coated successfully however, we recommend that each new substrate should be checked individually for its suitability. This specially formulated fireplace and stove paint provides corrosion and abrasion resistance may be achieved by oven curing although curing will take place during operation of the product or components. A thin coating of fireplace and stove paint allows excellent heat transmission and is colour fast up to 650C, when allowed to cure for 24 hours.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Stove & Fireplace Paint, 100ml tin Matt (Hotspot)
Information as above.

Coal Paint, 300ml aerosol (Hotspot)
An ultra high temperature paint specially formulated for applying a decorative finish to new or for rejuvenating old ceramic coals used in gas fires. Coal Paint is colour fast up to 650 C and is touch dry in 2-3 hours at room temperature.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

Grate Paint (Silk), 450ml aerosol (Hotspot)
Grate Paint is a high temperature, corrosion resistant, one coat decorative finish specially formulated for use on cast iron and steel. Most substrates including steel and its alloys can be coated successfully however, we recommend that each new substrate should be checked individually for its suitability. Optimum corrosion and abrasion resistance may be achieved by oven curing although curing will take place during operation of the product or components. A thin coating allows excellent heat transmission and is colour fast up to 350C, when allowed to cure for 24 hours.  Read more on the Hotspot website, return here to buy...

1 each / discounts
Smoke Pellets, Arctic ph 13gr
Creates 18m of oil-free, non-acidic smoke and burns for 40 seconds.
  • Buy   5 / 4.50 , 90p each
  • Buy 20 / 16 ,   80p each
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