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Smokeless Fuels (Ovoids) with Volume Discounts

All Prices inclusive of VAT at 5%
Solid Fuels Menu:

Sold as a Standard Branded product
in 10kg (CPL, Brazier) or 20kg (Housefuel, Burnrite) bags
and  Premium (Ecoal50)
Authorised for use in Smoke Controlled areas.

For convenience and cleanliness, all coal products come pre-packed in extra strong sealed bags with a guaranteed weight that can be easily be carried and stored in your home or garage.  This means you don't need a bunker.  No problem, cutting and filling your bunker if required, free of charge.

Standard Branded suppliers may vary, please specify if required
Great value smokeless fuels, used for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.  Giving a good flame, generating a lot of heat while leaving behind very little ash.  Combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire and produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal.  Manufactured ovoid briquettes, about 70mm long, designed to provide air flow improving your fire.  Not suitable for log burners or closed appliances, see 'Closed Appliances' below.

Branded Product: Blaze (Fuel Express); Brazier (CPL); Burnrite (Housefuel)

Premium - Ecoal50
The 'eco' equivalent of popular CPL's Homefire, the market leading smokeless coal.  Ecoal50 is a revolutionary smokeless fuel which is produced from 50% renewable materials.  It is an ideal smokeless coal for multi-fuel stoves and open fires.  Burns up to 38% hotter than house coal, produces up to 80% less smoke and 40% less CO2

Premium Quality, about 15% more than our Standard Smokeless Product.  Very Efficient, Burns for longer periods than house coal with excellent sustained heat output.  If youre looking for a premium smokeless fuel which is kinder to the environment but with no compromise on performance, Ecoal50 is for you.

Convenience.  In both handling and storing, smokeless fuel is supplied in 10 or 20kg sealed pre-packed extra strong bags.  These are clean, waterproof, and be stacked in your shed or garage which means you do not need a bunker.  The bags both guarantee the weight and are light enough to carry into your home direct to your fire or cut and poured into your bucket.  This avoids the effort and mess in shovelling from bunker to bucket on cold winter evenings.

If you have a bunker, we are happy to cut and fill free of charge.  

Manufactured ovoid briquettes?  About 70mm long, designed to provide air flow so improving your fire.  Giving a good flame, generating a lot of heat while leaving behind very little ash.  Combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire and produces a fraction of the smoke and less carbon dioxide than coal.  Suitable for open fires and multi-fuel stoves.  Not suitable for log burners or closed appliances.  Blaze briquettes are approx 70mm long and 76gm.  A 10kg bag contains about 130 briquettes.  A 'standard' open fire takes about 80 briquettes and a stove about 60 which will last about 5 hours without topping up, dependant on your grate and ventilation.

How much do I need?  Got a bunker but don't know how much it takes.  We'll bring 250kg, a typical bunker size which should last months.  If the bunker fills, we'll take the excess away but it may be worth putting the extra bags to one side to qualify for the lower price!

How popular? ABoC sold nearly 500 tonne of smokeless fuel in 2016/17 through the showroom, and deliveries to retail outlets and over 400 private customers throughout the North East.  That's seven unladen Airbus A320's.  Every bag having to be carried three times, from wagon to yard; yard to van; van to customer.  No wonder we look tired, but always ready to help!!


  • Authorised for use in smoke controlled areas.
  • Environmentally friendly - up to 80% less smoke and 25% less CO2 emissions than traditional housecoal
  • Suitable for open fires and multi fuel stoves.
  • Not suitable for closed appliances such as room heaters, see Winter Products.
  • Attractive - good flame picture.
  • Clean - low ash volumes, easy to light and control, odour and clinker free.
  • Powerful - excellent sustained heat output.
  • Long Lasting - lasts up to 40% longer than traditional house coal.

Clean Air Act.  Check and compare Authorised Smokeless Fuels on the Government Legislation Website: smokecontrol.defra.gov.uk/fuels.php

Smokeless Fuel Pricing - from 01 Sep 2018
kg Standard
10 or 20kg
Imperial Equivalents (cwt - hundredweight)
1 cwt = 50kg approximate
10kg 4.90 5.90 22lb  /  1.6st  /  .20cwt
20kg 9.80 11.80 44lb  /  3.1st  /  .39cwt
30kg 14.70 17.70 66lb  /  4.7st  /  .59cwt
40kg 19.60 23.60 88lb  /  6.3st  /  .78cwt
50kg 24.50 29.50 Standard: approx 1 cwt
60kg 29.40 35.40  
70kg 34.30 41.30  
80kg 39.20 47.20  
90kg 44.10 53.10  
100kg 49.00 59  
110kg 53.90 64.90  
120kg 57
Best Seller
Unit Price drop at 120kg
SAFETY ** ABoC are a NACS Approved Chimney Sweep.
Fuel Customers can get their chimney swept and stove cleaned and part serviced for 45 inc VAT.  You will get a NACS certificate which supports your household insurance, stove and flue warranty. A fully insured power sweeping service with triple HEPA Filtered Industrial Vacuum (service details).
130kg 61.75 74.75  
140kg 66.50 80.50  
150kg 71.25 86.25  
160kg 76.00 92  
170kg 80.75 97.75  
180kg 85.50 103.50  
190kg 90.25 109.25  
200kg 95.00 115  
240kg 105
{ 12 x 20kg, Burnrite
{ 24 x 10kg, Brazier
{ or mix to try
Best Seller - Standard
Unit price drop at 240kg
250kg 109.38 140
Best Seller - Premium Ecoal50
Unit price drop at 250kg
300kg 131.25 168  
400kg 175.00 224  
500kg 205
4.10 / 10kg
Unit Price Drop at 1/2 tonne
600kg 246 312  
700kg 287 364  
800kg 328 416  
900kg 369 468  
1000kg 380
Unit Price Drop at 1 tonne
kg Standard
10 or 20kg bag
Imperial Equivalents (cwt - hundredweight)
1 cwt = 50kg approximate

Imperial / Metric Conversion
A 'standard' imperial coal sack is cwt (half a hundredweight) approx 25kg

lb / kg  .4535924     ;     kg / lb  2.2046225
1st  =  14lb  =  6.35kg
1cwt  =  8st  =  112 lb  =  50.80kg   (cwt = hundredweight)
1ton  =  20cwt  =  160st  =  2240lb  =  1016.05kg


Smokeless Fuel for Closed Appliances
( Room heaters, Cookers and Boilers )

Due to the range of products and low demand, we stock a small range of smokeless products for closed appliances.  Please enquire what we have in stock or let us know what you use and we'll endeavour to supply within 7 days.  We will gladly maintain a stock of your favourites!

The smaller ovoids burn more slowly hence last longer, providing a more consistent but lower heat.

  • Supercite, Superbrite, Anthracite, Small Nuts, 11 / 20kg

  • Phurnacite:  16 / 25kg  (= 12.80 per 20kg)

Phurnacite is widely regarded as the best and consequently the most expensive but there may be better products for your appliance.  All authorised for use in Smoke Controlled areas.


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