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Charcoals, HACCP Food Safe, Sold all year around

All Prices inclusive of VAT at 5%
Solid Fuels Menu:


Restaurant Charcoal, Premium/Purple 12kg - £16

South African, Wattle Wood, £1.33/kg


Buy 11 or more - 10% Discount = £14.40
with Free Delivery!



  • Sold all year around

  • Supplied to leading restaurants and outdoor venues throughout the North East.

  • Produced from quality hardwoods.

  • Larger lumps, burn hotter and longer than any other charcoals.

  • Can be used in tandoor ovens and hog roasters.

  • Harder to light so use plenty of fluid, perhaps some thinly cut kindling to get it going.

  • Note: May spit and spark until it gets up to temperature.

Need advice?  Check out: British BBQ Society Forum



Restaurant Charcoal, Standard/Blue 12kg - £12

South American (blue bag): £12,  £1/kg (Paraguayan)


Buy 11 or more - 10% Discount = £10.80
with Free Delivery!





Ecofire Sawdust Charcoal, 10kg - £16

 Sawdust charcoal is made from high density wood briquettes

Buy 11 or more - 10% Discount = £14.40
with Free Delivery!




  • Generally agreed to be the best charcoal available!

  • It lasts up to 5 times longer than normal charcoal

  • Used by Japanese restaurants, Turkish grills and many other discerning restaurant & home users.

  • Will significantly reduce costs because of it's long burn characteristics!

  • Packed in airtight 10kg boxes for easy transportation and long life.


Normandy Beech Briquettes, 12kg - £7.80

 6 x 2kg logs, 100% beech - HACCP food safe

Buy 11 or more - 10% Discount = £6.24
with Free Delivery!



  • Made from 100% beech sawdust compressed under very high pressure so that the end product is both very dense and ultra-dry. 

  • Each box contains 6 x 2kg logs.

  • HACCP approved as a fuel for cooking

  • Very popular for use in commercial and home pizza ovens where they maintain a very high temperature.

  • Also make an ideal fuel for log burners and open fires, especially in smaller units where the briquettes can be easily broken up by hand.

  • The briquettes can expand when burnt, we recommend breaking the log into 2 or 3 pieces and not overfilling the oven or stove.


Lumpwood Charcoal, 5kg - £4.50  ;  90p/kg

Made by burning wood in a low oxygen atmosphere.  Lumpwood looks and feels like burned pieces of wood and can come in sizes up to 8 inches (restaurant quality).  Lumpwood is the most natural form of charcoal and burns slower and hotter, produces a lot less ash, easier to control its temperature and burns smokeless with a woody flavour so automatically adding a charcoal flavour to your food.  Itís also pleasing to note that itís pretty environmentally friendly due to the technique of coppicing which allows wood to harvested from trees in a way that promotes further growth in the tree.



Lighting Tips
Build a pyramid shape with the charcoal (whether lump wood or briquettes) inserting firelighters or soak with fluid afterwards.  Light and wait for 45 minutes.  Youíll have lovely glowing coals and youíve minimised the chance of flames starting and burning your food. ( Watch on Youtube )

If youíve got any BBQ charcoal left over from last summer use it sparingly with some fresh charcoal and never try to have a whole fire with last years leftovers. Charcoal is a natural desiccant therefore it absorbs moisture and it never burns as well six months down the line - youíll just end up getting frustrated.


BBQ Briquettes, 5kg - £4  ;  80p/kg

Produced by crushing charcoal typically made from sawdust or other wood by-products and mixing in additives such as nitrates, clays and binders and other additives. Briquettes is a recipe in itself and it is difficult to know from brand to brand what additives are added. They leave more ash than lumpwood, take more time to get alight and burn quicker. They also add no woody flavour, they are a heat source rather than an added ingredient.

Instant Lighting, 2 x 1kg - £3.50

One kg bags of lumpwood charcoal, impregnated with kerosene based igniter for easy, clean and excellent results every time - just light the bag!

Instant -vs- Lumpwood/Briquettes.  Instant's easier to get going and saves messing about with lighters.  But, the paper can create a light ash which may rise up and stick to your food.  And at 1kg, it may not last very long.


Mini Grills, 0.6kg - £2
Party Grills, 2kg - £6

Ready to cook after just 15 minutes and hot, even burning make these ideal for picnics or that impromptu event - all you need is a match.

The advantages of the grills over the other products is obvious, you don't need a BBQ.  Everything is contained within the box.  All you need is a match or lighter.


BBQ Lighter Fluid - £2.50 (1 Ltr)


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